Dec 01, 2023
Lt Col (Ret) Lans Courtney
Lt. Col (Ret.) Lans Courtney - native of Loomis, CA 1976-1989 (kindergarten - high school) 1989 Graduate of Del Oro High School.
Texas A&M University Class of 1993.  Civil Engineering Degree Corps of Cadets - ROTC Commissioned into USAF to begin what was to become a 20-year USAF flying career.
Flew the F-16C from 1997-2007 while stationed in South Korea, Idaho, Alaska, Japan, Turkey, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.
2007-2015 Began the last chapter of his military career flying the U-2 Dragon Lady based at Beale AFB, CA just outside of Marysville.
Flew the U-2 operationally along the border of North/South Korea, over Iraq and Afghanistan and along the borders of Iran, Syria, Lebanon at Gaza.
Retired in 2015 with over 4000 hours flying time in the USAF.
Currently a pilot at Delta Air Lines flying the 757 and 767.